Botanical Pesticides

Chemical pesticides constitute serious environmental hazards. Application hazards and residual toxicity to human beings are noticed and documented. Emergence of pesticide resistant races in pest populations, destruction of predators and natural enemies. Which exercise a natural check in the pest population also include the environmental hazards. Chemical pesticides also destruct beneficial insects and other animal species. In view of this pesticide of plant origin provides an excellent alternative for protecting crops from insects pests.

Azad Green ™

Azad Green formulations are botanical pesticides containing a complex tetranotriterpenoid obtained from the seed kernels of neem tree i.e. Azadirachta indica. This complex chemical has proved as the most important plant ingredient for integrated pest management at the present time. This has the ability to disturb and inhibit development of eggs, larvae and pupae of insect pests. It blocks the molting of larvae and nymphs (blocks metamorphosis), disturb mating and sexual communication, repel larvae and adults, sterilize adults and deter feeding. This neem based botanical pesticide is available in three formulations with concentration of 300 PPM , 1500 PPM and 10,000 PPM of Azadirachtin from GKFC. These formulations are ideally suited for organic farming and control most agriculturally important pests in the orders Lepidotera, Diptera, Coleoptera, Hymenoptera, Homoptera, Orthoptera and Heteroptera.

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